A piece of Münsterland tradition in Seppenrade – our history goes back a long way


First mention of the historic Naundrups Hof in the district of Seppenrade in a document. It has been run as a family-owned farm ever since.


Farmer Ludger Dammann and his wife Ulla, with the help of many Seppenrade citizens, decided to convert the farm into a restaurant, serving traditional Westphalian and Münsterland cuisine. On the evening of November 15, 1962, the restaurant opened, including a bowling alley.


Ludger and Ulla Dammann decided to lease the business. However, the new operators needed more space and so the restaurant was rebuilt for the first time. The old bowling alley was replaced and the bar got a new location.


After a good 10 years, the house finally changed back to family ownership.

The daughter of Ulla and Ludger Dammann, Doris Peick and her husband Franz-Josef Peick took over the business, after redesigning and managing extensive renovations of the rooms. They re-opened on the evening of October 17, 1989.


Bernd Lange, a native of Lüdinghausen, and his son Christoph Lange bought the house and land from the Peick family. At that time, they were already determined to preserve and further expand this big part of Münsterland culture and its wonderful property.


After a phase of planning & approval that lasted for almost three years, the time had come on 11 October 2019 at 1pm, as the foundations for the small, beautiful country hotel Naundrups Hof was laid.

The new building complex, realized according to the plans of the two architects and owners, will now welcome leisure travelers as well as business people in 30 double rooms, 3 double rooms deluxe, 3 family rooms as well as 2 suites. In the winter of 2021, the time has finally come and the Hotel Naundrupshof will finally open its doors after 2 years of construction.





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