Vacancies at Hotel Naundrups Hof in Seppenrade

We offer jobs with perspective!

Our traditional house, which has existed for over 450 years, has long been a popular place to go out in Seppenrade-Lüdinghausen, Münster area. With our hotel extension in winter 2021, our beloved Naundrups Hof is now perfect.

The secret of our success is not only the beautiful location and the good cuisine, but it is the people who work with us. They are the ones who make it all distinctive and unique with their personalities.

Therefore we need YOU!


Your contact persons are

Thibault Levasseur
+49 (0) 2591 8002

Please send your written application to

Naundrups Hof
Naundrupshof Lange OHG
Dülmener Straße 24
59348 Lüdinghausen

Tel.: +49 (0) 2591 8002

These positions are currently available

Apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist (m / f / div)

On the one hand, we offer a training position as a restaurant specialist.
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