Let’s sweat! Feel good in one of our saunas.

The abrupt change between extreme heat and cooling trains the immune system and even increases life expectancy. Relax and take a deep breath! Whether it’s a sanarium, a Finnish sauna with a salt crystal wall, or an infrared bench, you’ll find peace and quiet here after a busy day at meetings or in the great outdoors!


Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is one of the most traditional forms of sweating and has been practiced for centuries. It is typically characterized by high temperatures (70-100 °C) and dry air (less than 25% humidity). It is primarily used for physical and mental cleansing. Sweat and relax at Naundrups Hof!



The bio sauna falls into the soft sauna category and is operated with medium heat (50-60 °C) and usually higher humidity (30-80%) than the Finnish sauna and is therefore also suitable for beginners. A pleasant climate is achieved in which you can stay longer. By adding herbal scents such as eucalyptus or mint, the sanarium turns into an aroma bath that invigorates your senses.


Infrared bench

Really relaxing and really comfortable! The full effect of the heat is achieved immediately without any lead time at the push of a button. Compared to the normal sauna, the special red light of the infrared sauna additionally stimulates the metabolism and thus relieves muscle pain, rheumatism or migraine.


Relaxation room

You will find deep relaxation in our sauna relaxation room with loungers and a fireplace.


Important notice

Our sauna area is a nude zone. Children under 16 years of age are not allowed to enter. Bathrobes, slippers and sauna towels are provided by the hotel.

Do you want more?

Whether cardio or strength training, our TechnoGym equipment has something for everyone.

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